Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen provides a video tour of the Halfling home of Wild’s End


Would you like to look at some in-development zone footage from Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen? Then have a gander at the most recent livestream from Visionary Realms, which offers an in-depth look at Wild’s End, the home of the game’s Halfling race.

The video provides a number of concept art previews, greybox zone flyovers, and lore pieces for the region while also talking about the general design ideas. “Beauty” was the watchword for the region’s design, with emphasis on making the environment dense, colorful, and full of nature.

There are plenty of locales that players will get to visit, including the Halfling capitol city of Sorhiryth, the Ghaldassii Ruins that are all that remains of a Giant tribe, a massive lake known as the Wellpond that will have underwater vistas, and a mysterious location known as the Gate that is teased as the source of wraiths. The video then closes with a more “game-ready” look at the Mad Moor area, as well as some overall progress reports.

source: YouTube

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This all looks and sounds so intriguing. I can imagine this to become a wonderful world for exploration.

I’m just afraid it will take ages until release.


All games take ages now a days. the more fancy the tech the longer the cycle unless you can throw money and an army of devs at it like Amazon.