City of Titans’ senior gameplay engineer talks about creating super-powers


Crafting perfect powers is essential for any superhero MMORPG. If they don’t look, feel, or function in the impressive way that players expect, it could well tank your game. That puts a whole lot of pressure on Fred Prince, City of Titans’ senior gameplay engineer who’s been tasked with just that.

In a new interview on the site, Prince talks about the process and specifics behind power creation. Specifically, he focuses on the travel powers that the team’s been focusing on as of late.

“I am working on a variety of different travel powers,” Prince said. “Teleporting, I want to make it a little more special than what we’ve seen. Wall crawling has been worked on to give it a more powerful feeling (that’s all I’m going to say for now). Wall running is being worked on along with super leaping. I am also working on the overlapping of the travel powers so they all within reason flow together organically.”

Prince said that combat is all about feel. As supporters of the game don’t want twitch-based combat, the team is working on a “custom targeting solution” to aid in dynamic conflict.

So how’s City of Titans coming along? “Things have really picked up lately,” Prince reported. “I am really excited about the progress we are making.”

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