Elite Dangerous pushes back Odyssey Update 7’s release to address a community goal bug


Community goals are a nice way to get some big chunks of space cash and possibly a unique spaceship component, but there’s been an issue recently that causes players to completely abandon a community goal they signed up for wholesale when they elect to abandon any mission they took on. Luckily, the devs of Frontier Developments have locked down a fix and are going to be deploying that soon.

Unfortunately, this also means that Update 7 for the Odyssey expansion is going to be pushed back, as the devs consider fixing community goals a higher priority. Update 7 is now set to arrive sometime next week, which readers will recall is going to be bringing another truckload of fixes and introduce turrets to combat zones. The post also has the usual weekly community schedule for those who like to tune in to FDev’s livestreams.


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