Guild Wars 2 outlines testing phases for world restructuring and future plans for WvW


Back in February the devs at ArenaNet outlined plans for a WvW overhaul in Guild Wars 2, starting with a world restructuring system that hopes to keep populations for the PvP mode balanced. The devs have since penned another lengthy blog post about the feature, discussing the steps for its release going forward.

The post starts with an overview of how world restructuring will work, then notes that the feature will launch in two test phases. Phase one will be a beta test starting on September 24th, with a tab on the WvW UI arriving on September 21st that will let players choose which guild they want to enter battle with. This testing will run until October 1st, after which point WvW will return to its default state. Phase two will test the creation of alliances of multiple guilds totaling no more than 500 players who wish to enter WvW together; dates for this phase aren’t lined up yet.

The post then moves on to future plans for WvW, including improving rewards for participating in the mode and balancing upgrades, scoring, and siege systems once WvW meta has shifted. “WvW, as it is today, is good—but it could be great,” reads the post. “Our leadership team views WvW as a cornerstone game mode of Guild Wars 2 and we intend to support it as such.”


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I’m looking forward to this, had fun doing Zergs in Edge of the Mists. WvWvW seemed like a decent merging of PVP and PVE.

Dug From The Earth

Unless they are planning to vastly add to/revamp WvW, most to all of these changes they want to make wont matter at all to me or change the majority of what WvW is. A couple giant zergs running circles around the map pointlessly capturing keeps and areas of interest for a few minutes before they get captured by the next zerg.

Its still pointless to defend these locations
Its still pointless which side wins or loses
Its still pointless for smaller groups to try to gather and do anything except grief even smaller groups.
Its still pointless that keeps have any sort of NPC defense because the zergs are so big the npc guards and captain die nearly instantly.

WvW is just Arena nets “Bragging” marketing element where they can show off “look at how we have 100 people grouped up playing together”


I was with you up to the complaint about defenses. That doesn’t make any sense.
You’re saying it would be better if they have NO defenses so rando-lonerman can flip points all day long?

Part of the problem – the reason for the zergs avoiding each other – is because it’s a consensual dance:
– you have to have constant activity to get ticks
– this activity has to be accomplishing something
…thus reward-maximizing (regardless of fun) is for zergs to just circle each other. I take point A, you take point B. Then you take A, and I take B.

There is no benefit to either side, the world, nor ACTUAL REWARD for accomplishing things. I presume this is because of ongoing balance concerns; if one realm can consistently field big numbers then it just becomes their farm for phat lewt, while nobody else bothers to show up because they’re not going to get anything anyway.

If their plans really result in competitive populations, then presumably they can go after rewards. Make there be actual awesomeness in capturing the EB center keep.

Dug From The Earth

I may have not been clear enough.

As it stands currently, there is no reason to defend keeps.

The benefit to keeping them doesnt warrant the effort to do so. So groups take turns just trading who owns them back and forth.

There SHOULD be more incentive to hold and defend keeps.

So much about WvW is ultimately pointless currently, and that needs to be changed. Even “Winning” a season almost nets next to nothing. Players are only focused on increasing their WvW rank for those rewards, and the best and most efficient way to do so is to run with a zerg, and have little to no conflicts with other zergs. Most zergs attempt to avoid each other for this reason as it slows down the efficiency of what its ultimate goal is.

All of WvW’s objectives need to have a much bigger impact on things.