Guild Wars 2 outlines testing phases for world restructuring and future plans for WvW


Back in February the devs at ArenaNet outlined plans for a WvW overhaul in Guild Wars 2, starting with a world restructuring system that hopes to keep populations for the PvP mode balanced. The devs have since penned another lengthy blog post about the feature, discussing the steps for its release going forward.

The post starts with an overview of how world restructuring will work, then notes that the feature will launch in two test phases. Phase one will be a beta test starting on September 24th, with a tab on the WvW UI arriving on September 21st that will let players choose which guild they want to enter battle with. This testing will run until October 1st, after which point WvW will return to its default state. Phase two will test the creation of alliances of multiple guilds totaling no more than 500 players who wish to enter WvW together; dates for this phase aren’t lined up yet.

The post then moves on to future plans for WvW, including improving rewards for participating in the mode and balancing upgrades, scoring, and siege systems once WvW meta has shifted. “WvW, as it is today, is good—but it could be great,” reads the post. “Our leadership team views WvW as a cornerstone game mode of Guild Wars 2 and we intend to support it as such.”

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