RuneScape adjusts statues, adds new enhancers, and tweaks Grand Exchange buy limits


If this week’s update to RuneScape feels kind of random and unfocused, the devs agree with you. In what is being called a “scattershot” sort of update, this week brings several tewaks that have no real connection to one another beyond “the Ninjas did it.”

Specifically, weekly limit on the Shattered Heart Distraction and Diversion has been removed and Strange and Golden Rocks can now be added to their respective statues directly from the Statue Collection Bag or the Backpack; five new enhancers have been added to the Motherlode Maw; the Gecko and Creeping Hand pets are now interface pets; and the buy limits for certain Grand Exchange items have been increased by some significant amounts.

The update has also made a couple of tweaks to the Glacor Front and the burthorpe Path among other things. Make sure to check the patch notes section for all of the deeper details.


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