World of Warships celebrates six years with new vehicles and a 60-piece jigsaw puzzle


While the sixth anniversary is certainly arriving in rather tumultuous times for the title, Wargaming is celebrating six years of World of Warships nonetheless with its latest update, bringing some new boats and goodies to those who are still playing in spite of its current row that is still making waves at the studio.

The party piece of the celebration is an event that tasks players with gathering 60 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle, which can be found in special containers that are purchased with Festive Tokens gained from a special combat mission chain or with the new temporary Aircraft Bureaus Rivalry event. Those who complete the puzzle will receive a Supercontainer, six Gift containers, and a commemorative flag, while Festive Tokens can further be exchanged in the Armory for themed permanent camouflages.

The new update has also fully released Dutch cruisers to the game, added some new Soviet ships to its early access tier, and kicked off a temporary battle mode involving convoy escort missions. There’s also the Transformers event on the way, which has shifted its release date to September 24th.

source: press release

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