City of Heroes Rebirth server tweaks various rewards and adds new powersets in its latest update


We’ve got some fresh news coming out of the Rebirth rogue server of City of Heroes. The game’s second issue, Paths to Power, has officially gone live as of yesterday, following the server’s first issue release in April that added a new Guardian archetype among other things.

As the issue’s title suggests, a lot of this patch’s focus is on improving rewards for a variety of playstyles: Reward Merit vendor costs are reduced; rewards for several endgame activities have seen a variety of specific improvements; new Inspirations like Dual Inspirations or Team Inspirations can drop when performing certain activities (and some can even be traded); and Super Pack reward drops have been ramped up among other things.

Another highlight of the update is the introduction of five new powersets for Guardians and Dominators including Ninja Assault, Infiltrator Training, and Water Assault. On top of that, there are also new Archetype Origin Enhancements available for the Guardian archetype, and a host of new cosmetic features in character creation like asymmetrical tights for females, integrated tights, and several new power customization options. In short, there’s a whole lot to dig into for Rebirth players.

source: official forums, thanks to SilverAgeFan for the tip!
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