EVE Online’s Quadrant 3: Gateway launches today, opening the doors for newbie onboarding

Plus: EVE Online is coming to the Epic Game Store later this month


Happy patch day, EVE Online: Gateway has arrived. Gateway is basically the third “quadrant” patch of the year, and it’s all about the newbies with its “series of themed activities welcoming new and returning players to EVE Online.”

“Quadrant 3: Gateway introduces the first installment of EVE Online’s revamped new player experience and skill training,” CCP Games says. “EVE Online’s revamped onboarding experience is a rich, emotionally-driven narrative available for players arriving in-game for the first time. It introduces players to a fresh cast of characters that teach the essential features and controls, including how to pilot a ship, survive a firefight, make money, and more. After completing the training program, players will have a solid understanding of how to thrive amongst the stars.”

For existing players, Gateway includes the new customizable skill plans and the beginning of the resource distribution overhaul. As a bonus, CCP Games revealed today that the space MMORPG is launching on the Epic Games Store on September 23rd.

Source: Press release


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Wilhelm Arcturus

The dev blog highlighted six aspects of the NPE, which I would summarize as:

-Show something exciting but not part of the game
-Show something pretty
-Oh God, hide the UI before we scare them off
-Try to make bits of the UI look comprehensible
-Show a pretty movie
-Wrap up by showing something else pretty

Left unsolved is getting players from that to the reality of New Eden.


Another year, another new player experience. Gotta love persistence.

Dug From The Earth

If only that “narrative” continued throughout the game, like normal mmorpgs attempt to do.

I cant stand it when after going through a multiple hour “onboarding” experience, it just stops and leaves you in a game that now feels completely different from what you just experienced.


i don’t understand a game having the intro to new players being narrative heavy… then nothing after that. it’s like two separate games.


I disagree, it sets you up to know the kind of world you’re in and there is an overarching story that does take place that you reveal via agent missions and such.


which the majority of players barely pay attention to or interact with. the agent missions are there to provide things to do.

the bulk of the actual gameplay that people interact with isn’t story. the point of the rest of the game is pvp/industry/economy

if anything, the NPE should be throwing people into PVP matches


EvE has a very very steep learning curve and if this gets any more new blood to play – it’s a win. If you threw them into pvp at the start the majority would rage quit so it’s better to have them swimming in the shallows.

Yes, it’s something they will have to experience but most people start eve in either mining or ratting activities until they get more comfortable.

Dug From The Earth

There are 2 elements here

The thematic world

and the gameplay mechanics

EvE has struggled hooking many new players because the mechanics alone are quite complex, often overwhelming, and hard to initially latch on to.

A narrative will help people focus on more than just the spreadsheet like work mechanics of the game. There is a problem with this however. The types of people who would be “hooked” by a narrative experience, are often going to expect MORE of said experiences.

When games dont continue to offer what they did at the start, many players will feel as if the game is too different and also wont continue. Sure, there will be some, who through the narrative experience also experience the mechanics and come to love those as well. These players will continue to play the game for the mechanics even after the narrative ends.

Plenty of players wont. But hey, even if they hook 10% more players, thats still 10% more players.