EVE Online’s Quadrant 3: Gateway launches today, opening the doors for newbie onboarding

Plus: EVE Online is coming to the Epic Game Store later this month


Happy patch day, EVE Online: Gateway has arrived. Gateway is basically the third “quadrant” patch of the year, and it’s all about the newbies with its “series of themed activities welcoming new and returning players to EVE Online.”

“Quadrant 3: Gateway introduces the first installment of EVE Online’s revamped new player experience and skill training,” CCP Games says. “EVE Online’s revamped onboarding experience is a rich, emotionally-driven narrative available for players arriving in-game for the first time. It introduces players to a fresh cast of characters that teach the essential features and controls, including how to pilot a ship, survive a firefight, make money, and more. After completing the training program, players will have a solid understanding of how to thrive amongst the stars.”

For existing players, Gateway includes the new customizable skill plans and the beginning of the resource distribution overhaul. As a bonus, CCP Games revealed today that the space MMORPG is launching on the Epic Games Store on September 23rd.

Source: Press release

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