Lost Ark previews four regions of Luterra as we wait for the new 2022 launch


So you’re bummed about Lost Ark getting the boot to 2022. I get it. You know what might make you feel better? Lore! That’s Amazon’s plan, anyway, as the game’s latest dev blog says it’s going to “spend the coming months touring some of the continents found across Arkesia” and then sets out exploring four of them on Luterra itself:

  • Rethramis, the cathedral city founded by priests who worship the God of Light and who apparently cast life sentences on those who try to read their secret books;
  • Yudia, the land of magic salt, so it’s perfect for many of our commenters;
  • West Luterra, a stock fantasy region founded by a heroic king and beset by war;
  • and East Luterra, which has been peaceful and rich for 500 years, oh and they have all the food.

It’s gonna be a long wait.


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Dug From The Earth

I guess when your game is done and there isnt anything left to do, you can just show off random stuff…. like this.

Ray O'Brien

Man sad I called it on another Lost Ark article when I said would even bite into New World. Obviously Amazon had the same thought! Oh well waited this long I guess…


I’ve been mostly playing on the RU servers of Lost Ark, the games good and have some new and old things in the game. I can’t wait to play the english version as I can’t stand the russian voiceovers in the game, and sometimes the translated version has some rough grammer.