Multiplayer sandbox Staxel is launching on the Switch next week


Staxel is a cutesy cozy multiplayer sandbox we’ve been covering for a few years; it boasts farming, fishing, housing, building, hunting, and more all in a very Stardew Valley-esque gameplay loop but with Minecraftier graphics. Dutch studio Plukit hasn’t been idle over the last few years either, and we’ve covered a few of those updates ourselves, but now, the game is coming to a new platform altogether: the Switch.

“Staxel on Nintendo Switch isn’t a simple port – the Switch version has been carefully optimized for maximum performance and integration with the key features of the device. Staxel was first released on PC in 2018, and has enjoyed a number of content updates since then, all of which are part of the Nintendo Switch edition!”

Plukit’s Bart van der Werf says that the port has “has everything in the PC version, with carefully optimized and adapted controls so you can easily lose yourself in your own farming fantasy.” Launch is September 23rd; the game is around 20 bucks on Steam, so we’d expect that to be the case on Nintendo too.

Source: Press release, Nintendo


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IronSalamander8 .

I saw someone play this on YouTube. It actually looks like a nice mix of Stardew Valley and Minecraft and a perfect fit for the Switch.