Old School RuneScape promotes now-launched player mod after originally blocking its release


It’s been very interesting this past week to watch Jagex pivot away from a decision to forbid high-definition mods in Old School RuneScape to actively promoting one.

Originally, the studio posted a notice saying that it was changing its third-party modding rules to forbid HD mods, as Jagex was working on one itself. But after the outcry from fans of one mod in particular, RuneLite HD, Jagex sat down with the modder and ultimately reversed its decision.

Now, perhaps to get back in the good graces of rankled players, Jagex is hyping up the release of RuneLite HD.

“Following last week’s news that we reached a positive agreement with 117Scape, we are very pleased to announce that their much-anticipated HD Plugin is now freely available,” the studio said. “117Scape’s HD Plugin, available via RuneLite’s Plugin Hub, is community-led and Jagex cannot offer any direct support or assistance to players encountering issues with either the client or the HD Plugin.”

Jagex also said that it’s still going ahead with work on its own HD client: “You’ll soon see the return of a revamped Gielinor Gazette, which will cover the recent progress made on our C++ game client and its new features, including the mobile client’s enhancements that we hope to bring you this year.”

Source: Old School RuneScape. Thanks Stefan!

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I toyed around with the settings quite a bit and it is rather impressive when compared to the base game.

Well worth checking out if you ever played the game in my opinion and aren’t a fan of the practices in RS3.


I hope that guy gets some financial compensation for all his hard work or at least a job.