Star Wars: The Old Republic makes a mystery merchant always available


According to Wookieepedia, the man known as Kai Zykken is “a male Human who was captain of the Corellian Run Scoundrels, a pirate gang during the Galactic War. A persistent rumor was that Zykken once kidnapped the adult daughter of Viril Shu, a corporate magnate on the planet Denon. Rather than ransom her, Zyyken unsuccessfully attempted to woo her into marrying him, thus allowing Zykken access to Shu’s fortune.”

And as you’re scratching your head going, “Why would you bother me with obscure Star Wars trivia that’s only useful if we’re playing nerdy Scrabble and I need a triple word score with a Z and a Y?” I’ll ham-handedly segue into telling you that Star Wars: The Old Republic’s latest patch makes Kai Zykken far more available than he used to be. BioWare changed it so that this “Merchant of Mystery” is constantly present to sell unique wares.

Game Update 6.3.2a also made some home decor tradable, fixed some boss loot in a few flashpoints, and created a workaround for a bugged title.

Source: SWTOR

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mars omg

not much of a mystery now xD

Bruno Brito

So, the class changes will come with the new xpac?


I’m tempted to get back into SWTOR. Some of the writing in the expansions is really good, and I haven’t played in years, so I’m guessing there’s a good chunk of content to go through before I hit the end-game slog.

Datacrons give me tired head thinking about them, though. Honestly those are the primary thing that has always kept me from really investing in end-game with this one.


It is a good time to get back in. Player confidence is up and its very easy to knock out class stories these days. It seems like everyone just plays out the conquest seasons, which makes for good consistent grouping.

Vanquesse V

The game once had one of the worst f2p options, but it’s pretty good now, sub for a month and get all the “expansions” that are out at the time for your account. There are a few QoL features it wouldn’t hurt to have, and if you’re serious about endgame you kinda need the sub, but there’s a staggering amount of content for 15$

Chris Walker

I’m having a blast since I came back. As much as anything with the name “Star Wars” can be a hidden gem, this game is exactly that as far as MMORPGS go.