Aion’s European version kicks off its anniversary celebration


It’s been 12 years for Aion running on European servers, and unfortunately it looks like the game’s carnival barker does not particularly care. Seriously, look at the face on that guy. That is the face of not giving a damn. That is someone who is not excited by the game’s 12-year anniversary celebration, and frankly, it’s kind of upsetting. There’s a lot of stuff coming to the game to celebrate! Are you really going to let Trab there throw cold water on the whole affair? (It is assumed his name is Trab.)

Boosted battlefield instances give you more entries into Battlefields and more coins for participation. You can collect Anniversary Coins and play minigames in the Dreamscape Festival. There are even new Hero Trials to take on that award players with an Anniversary Chest and a Luxury Chest. That all sounds like fun! What the heck is Trab’s problem? You should log into the game and enjoy the anniversary and maybe flip Trab off while you’re at it.

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