Black Desert launches PC season+ server, offers next-gen console support and roadmap


It’s Wednesday, which means another weekly deluge of Black Desert news.

First, over on the PC servers, where the game is celebrating 2000 days online in the west, Pearl Abyss is launching the Season+ server as planned. As we’ve previously covered, this server replaces the truncated summer season with a special server meant for onboarding newbies and returning players. The server allows gamers to create one new toon on the server per season, level up with all the seasonal perks, and graduate to the core servers at the end. Definitely check out the patch notes for all the nitty-gritty details on how to game this server – and its season pass, which players can get for free through the current level-up event.

Over on the console side of the game, Pearl Abyss announced that the game is getting “next-gen console support for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S in the future.” The season+ server launches for console October 13th, so you’ll be waiting a smidge longer for that. Head of Black Desert Game Design Department Je-seok Jang issued a dev blog earlier this week with a roadmap for console players through the rest of 2021.


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mars omg

Sounds like they are losing the players. It’s really not over huge issues, but issues made huge to squeeze every whale dry. Such a sad community as well across many servers.

Mercy Forever

As we are speculating ,it seems you dont have a brain .kindly keep your stupidity to yourself . The game has more then 20 million population of players .