PlanetSide 2 brings its retooled player starting experience online in today’s update


Today is the day that new players to PlanetSide 2 get to experience some new onboarding. The shooter’s newest update is set to go live today and it’s bringing a host of tutorial adjustments designed to make starting up more informative, dynamic, and fun.

The update isn’t only just about getting newbies used to which part of the gun to point at people (pro tip: the noisy end faces forward). There are also some colorblind options being introduced, some overall graphical improvements, and some adjustments to missions, vehicles, infantry, and implants. The game’s patch notes have all of the details players could possibly ask for.

In other PS2 news, Rogue Planet Games has decided to cast a spotlight on senior technical animator David Thornfield, asking him questions about how animation in the shooter is done and granting him a moment to offer advice to anyone hoping to break into the industry. It’s an interesting little look behind the scenes. After all, these rifles and tanks don’t move themselves.

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