Vampire multiplayer survival title V Rising shows off gameplay and plans a 2021 beta


V Rising, the multiplayer vampiric survival title from Stunlock Studios (of Battlerite fame) has been doing a lot of talking to this point. Readers will recall this game first hit our notice in June, talking up PvE and PvP challenges as players raise their own vampire lord to eventually rule over the game world, and a dev blog later that same month talked up the game’s gothic art style. All of this is well and good, but where’s the gameplay? Right here, actually.

Yes, we now have a look at how gameplay will work in an overall sense, showcasing a player character’s eventual rise to power as well as some active combat, castle building, and (of course) the stalking of humans for blood and conquest.

“To survive as a vampire, you need to hunt for blood in nearby settlements, hide from the scorching sun and avoid stepping into garlic fields. Build your castle and invite blood-thirsty friends to join as you explore a gothic open-world, pillage villages, raid bandits, and wander into the territories of supernatural beasts. Attack other players’ castles, or become a diplomat in a game of blood, power, and betrayal.”

If all of that whets your neck nibbling appetite, then let us remind you that V Rising is now open for beta test sign-ups. Timing for the beta hasn’t been decided, but there is a window of sometime in 2021. In the meantime, you can check out the trailer below for a taste of what this one is offering.

source: press release

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IronSalamander8 .

Battlerite was actually pretty decent and had some enjoyable characters. The top down perspective isn’t normally my cup of tea, but it did work there.

Letting me build my own spooky castle is a dream come true! Will have to look into this one.


I hope it comes with a robust pigtail generator too!

Bruno Brito

Cool idea, reminds me of Dark Eden.

They shoulda allow you to also play as Hunters, WWolves or Witches. Would be cool having origin starters.

Wollomby Rowsdower

I hope they add something like this.

Patreon Donor
Loyal Patron

Alright, this looks promising, i like everything i saw in the video.

Malcolm Swoboda

Well, signed up!


Well at least the trailer is spiffy