Combat style testing for Star Wars The Old Republic now moves to the Assassin and Sorcerer classes


Public testing for the new combat styles of Star Wars: The Old Republic’s classes rolls on. As of yesterday, the game’s PTR has started testing for the Sith Assassin and Sith Sorcerer, granting both classes their opportunity to be put through their paces.

As with other class adjustments, the idea is to make the Assassin and Sorcerer easier to understand while maintaining their class identity, once more reducing the quantity of their respective abilities but maintaining what makes them tick.

The design goals and the decisions behind these adjustments are pretty much a copy-paste of what’s been said before. That said, with this next round of testing and with testing now looking at two advanced classes per round — the Sniper and Operative had a testing round earlier — it would seem that the Legacy of the Sith’s arrival is fast approaching.


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Bruno Brito

I’m actually excited for the new combat style mechanic. It’ll probably bring me back to the game. I’m hyped to play a Vanguard, but i don’t know if i have the willpower to level a new one ( even though i want to play the story ), but i have my BH ready.


All you have to do to level is the story quests, no side quests needed. That said it’s smart to do the Heroic Quests once you finish the zone story for some upgrades which you can do easily with your companion just set them to healer.

Castagere Shaikura

I can’t wait to see how all this turns out.


I just resubbed a couple of days ago, and I can say for sure this needs to happen. It’s one thing when you start from level one, but when you hop back in after a multi year break to a level 70 sentinel, the rotation is a bit overwhelming. Just his basic single target rotation uses all of the top button bar and a few abilities on the second.

Been a while since I played a character with a rotation of

Shift+1,1, Shift+2,2,3,4,5,6,7 with 8,9,0 as possible procs at any time. That’s without any AOE or CC abilities. It’s a bit much and could be trimmed down.


Yeah every time i go back to TOR, i have to:

a) Relearn all my skills and what they do
b) Relearn the rotation, which is often fairly complex
c) Figure out which skill to ignore, because there is a lot of duplication

The game will definitely benefit from a revamp.