Time-travel MMO Into the Echo releases new video and alpha signups


Back in August, we covered a newly unveiled time-travel MMORPG called Into the Echo. Canada-based ETLOK Studios pitched the game as one with “traditional mechanics of resource collection, crafting, puzzle-solving and combat to build next generation social experiences” as well as “a launching pad for next generation social interactions where each player has a unique identity and purpose that makes them want to inhabit the universe rather than just experience it.” As we noted at the time, the game seemed extremely ambitious, but we hadn’t seen plans for launch or even a gameplay video.

Perhaps the studio heard our plea, as this week the team has dropped a teaser video with what appears to be in-game footage, however brief. There are also now signups for a pre-alpha, though it remains unclear when that will be or what precisely you’ll be testing.

“ETLOK Studios are pleased to present the first look at their innovative MMORPG Into the Echo and invite you to sign up for a round of Pre-Alpha testing. Into The Echo is taking the traditional mechanics of resource collection, crafting, puzzle-solving and combat to build next generation social experiences, offering players a chance to build their reputation and find their own unique purpose in this enchantingly realized shared world. Designed for longevity, with an innovative progression system and a commitment to mental wellness in mind, Into the Echo will deliver an MMO experience like no other.”

Source: Press release, official site

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Zinc MeskaLin

pre alpha starting soon… so release in 10 years…?

when was the time pre alpha stages were so interesting? i want a finished game, not a shitty teaser where i can wait 10 years for the game. which will be discontinued after 6 years anyway. my god, make games and present them when they are close to a reasonable release and not such an early access garbage.

holy I’m really annoyed by all these alpha and prer alpha crap now.

Matthew Yetter

The teaser really says nothing at all about the game. The quote also feels like a lot of big words that don’t actually say anything.

A time travel concept sounds interesting. That’s about all that I can say at this time.

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Trying not to get excited. But I’m looking forward to see what they have to offer.