Champions Online’s anniversary continues with a Dr. Destroyer invasion, DC Universe Online celebrates Batman Day with free gifts


It’s all about some superheroic celebration going on in both Champions Online and DC Universe Online, with both games marking some noteworthy dates on their respective calendars. Which, of course, means free goodies for players of either MMO.

In Champs, the game’s anniversary festivities roll on into their third week, which will feature an invasion by Dr. Destroyer. For those who haven’t experienced this content from previous anniversaries, players will be asked to complete missions against Destroids, turn in their memory cores, and earn a box of Anniversary Favors. This week’s festivities also adds some new anniversary rewards, so players may want to take a look.

As for DCUO, players will get to tell everyone they’re Batman thanks to the return of the Batman Day event. Players who log in between now and September 30th to earn several Batman-themed goodies, while the second set of Save the Universe instances will be all about Batman. There’s also new manor lair bundle that players can buy in case they want to dress up their personal space like Wayne Manor. After all, Bruce isn’t the only billionaire superhero out there.


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Axetwin .

Serious question. WTF is Batman day? Out of nowhere this started popping up on various sites and I have no idea where this came from. Why was yesterday Batman day? Why does Batman have a day? Is this just the next step of commercialism creating new fake holidays to increase sales?

Bruno Brito

It was created in 2014 and it’s basically celebrating his debut on DC Comics. Of course it is commercialism, it’s Batman. But it’s not that new.