Pantheon discusses world building, new hires, gathering nodes, and the path to alpha


Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen’s latest producer letter adds to last month’s good news with the announcement of yet another hire: environment artist Tim Schuhler. He’ll join the devs already hard at work on building out Wild’s End.

“In addition to our focus on developing Wild’s End, world building efforts are ramping up this month as we prepare to convert our greybox terrain mesh into real terrain,” Visionary Realms says. “This conversion will apply to the entirety of the Kingsreach continent and will happen simultaneously with the terrain streaming tech, bringing with it monumental performance boosts. It’s an exciting month on the world building front!”

“But world building isn’t only about the art – content is king after all. Our Design team has been working through our zones and adding more content, itemization and encounters. Of interest these past couple of weeks has been a thorough level 1 to 20 itemization pass, a strengthening of the Armor Class stat and the development of new task and storyline content in the Thronefast, Avendyr’s Pass and Blackrose Keep areas. Adventurers have also reported the sounds of mining picks striking ore veins… that’s right – crafters will rejoice to hear that gathering nodes are now in game!”

The studio has once again updated its roadmap to alpha, noting that it’s still got to finish classes, pets, acclimation, and the perception system, among several other mechanics on the list, before the game can move on from its current pre-alpha stage.


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