Dual Universe outlines changes to warping and docking coming in the Ares update


Earlier this week Dual Universe started writing up details about adjustments planned for the Ares update, with the first post discussing stress a stress system for construct cores, shield changes, and the closure of a couple of PvP exploits. Novaquark has now kicked out a second dev blog covering changes to warping and docking that will arrive when the Ares update launches.

In terms of warping, that is effectively getting bonked with the nerf bat: Warp speed is being slowed, cooldown time to warp is being increased, auto alignment will be reduced in order for players to more actively align their ships to a warp vector, and warp drives will now need to spool up before a warp is engaged. On top of that, taking weapons fire during any point in the warp initiation process will cancel warping.

As for docking and boarding, there will be two new automatic modes that players can use to dock to constructs in addition to the usual manual mode. There will also be new Lua functions that will give players more flexibility to create docking rules for their constructs.

A timeline for the Ares update’s launch still isn’t available, but the blog does close by noting that the transition from PTS to live is “well underway,” so expect some announcements here soon™.


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