EVE Online players speculate at least 110K players are subscribed based on the August economic report


Last month we reported on some number crunching done by a Redditor that took a stat from EVE Online’s July economic report to tease out some possible subscriber numbers. In that report, the Redditor known as Angry Mustache noted that the data had imperfections and that a clearer picture may be available once August’s econ report comes in.

That report has since gone live, meaning that once again the “redeemed ISK tokens” portion of the ISK Sinks and Faucets graph could be used to offer an educated guess of a subscriber headcount. By Angry Mustache’s reckoning, the 9.4 trillion ISK from July and the 16.5 trillion ISK from August amounts to a minimum of 110K Omega accounts that cashed in the free space money offer, which totals roughly $1.2M USD a month of subscription revenue for CCP Games.

As before, this doesn’t account for variables in the data like Omega players simply not collecting all of the offered stipends or cashing them all in, but it does at least provide something of a window. Angry Mustache also has some informed guesses on what the month’s econ report says about the movements of the current war, particularly for Delve and Papi, so those following that pulse might care to read up and discuss.

sources: official site, Reddit, thanks to Robert for the tip!

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Yann van Sylphe

eve offline is your better friend to analyse players base IG…
oops, i mean capsulers! (as a real player can have 10+ alt at same time).
the average is 20k capsulers last month.


I think the truth is most likely in between but I expect over 80k. I had been enjoying my time back on EVE myself, but I play quite casually nowadays

Capsuleer Network

Yeh, from which are like 50k playing at random across 3 timezones, rest stay subscribed just to be with their respective comunity (corp, alliance or coalition). All in all, max 30k online in peak time on Saturday evening 20:00 ET, but usually 17-20k max in the week