MapleStory M adds the Dual Blade class and the Victoria Road region in recent patch


If your MMO doesn’t have a character that can expertly wave two bladed weapons about with precision, guile, and agility, then what are you even doing with yourself? Luckily, MapleStory M isn’t suffering from such a shortage as the game received the Dual Blade class this past Thursday, along with a new region to check out (and presumably slice things up in).

“Nimble and acrobatic, the all-new Dual Blades are rogue thieves that have forsaken the Dark Lord that rules their guild. Armed with a dagger in one hand and a katana in the other, Dual Blades are agile, resilient, and able to receive numerous attack bonuses and obtain an extremely high critical hit rate. The highly mobile Dual Blade can chain together flashy combos and possess a very high dodge rate.”

In addition, the update has opened up the Victoria Road area, a brand-new location that can be accessed from Kerning City. This location also happens to be the place where the Dual Blade class gets its quests. Speaking of the new class, MapleStory M is offering some limited-time events for Dual Blades including a leveling event and special reward event until October 20th and a free gift for everyone who logs in before September 23rd.

source: press release

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