MechWarrior Online is tweaking weapons, chassis, and a map as MechWarrior 5 unveils its next expansion


Tomorrow will see a fresh update to the online Mech battler MechWarrior Online, bringing with it some revamps, reworks, and tweaks including a new version of the Caustic Valley map, adjustments to several weapons, and changes to ‘Mechs like the Flea, the Vindicator, and the Hatamoto-Chi. The patch will also add a second set of quirks for certain Mech variants just in case you like your big murder machine to have slightly less heat mitigation or somewhat slower missiles. The patch notes in the link above provide all of the specifics pilots will want.

Meanwhile, MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries, Piranha Games’ standalone single-player game, unveiled its new expansion, Legend of the Kestrel Lancers. This new expansion promises 14 new missions that are carefully authored with unique mechanics, dialogue, and cutscenes, as well as seven new questlines that include 10 new battle scenarios, new biomes and garrisons, and 23 new Mech variants. The base game is getting an update as well that will let players swap between active Mechs in their lance mid-mission and allow robots to punch one another. The expansion is set to launch on PC on Thursday, September 23rd, alongside the game’s debut on PS4 and PS5. A video showcasing the expac’s features is below.


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