SEED shares blogs about multiplayer appointments, economy, Seedling interactions, and horrifying mutations


Well, I did it to myself. Last time I reported on SEED, I remarked with surprise that the devs at Klang Games only kicked out one dev blog. The fates heard me, smirked among themselves, and saw fit to send a muse to the devs so that they may release another deluge of blog posts. And I only have myself to blame.

  • Players in SEED will be able to use a calendar to schedule in-game appointments to send their Seedlings out and complete tasks together. Yes, really.
  • Building a colony is inextricably tied to the economy, so the devs wrote a post summarizing how it works at a brass tacks micro level.
  • It’d be weird if Seedlings didn’t interact with one another, but mercifully that won’t be the case as a number of interactions are planned. Look at them, trying to be like people.
  • On the subject of interaction, this other dev blog is all about Seedlish. Think Simlish but made by a studio that’s not Maxis.
  • On a more personal note, the devs took a moment to write about the team’s return to the office.
  • This production blog discusses the hierarchy of Seedling needs and considers what desires they would want fulfilled, all while showcasing how to communicate those desires to players.
  • We’re back to talking about cities once again as this post showcases some city concept art.
  • Finally, it’s not a roundup of SEED blogs unless there’s a bug of the week post, and this one’s a doozy. Say hello to Eldritch Horror Arms Guy. And the best part? The devs aren’t sure how this bug happened. Demons. That’s how, devs. Demons did it.
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