Albion Online’s Call to Arms 10 arrives ahead of this weekend’s season start


PvP players, you’ve been called to arms, quite literally, with Albion Online’s latest update. Call to Arms Patch 10 has arrived as of today, and it’s a bit of a prepatory patch, as it sets the stage for both the next season and the next major expansion.

“The Energy Surge Season starts September 25, featuring a shorter 6-week structure, accelerated point multipliers, and unique one-of-a-kind rewards for the top guilds,” Sandbox Interactive notes. “In anticipation of this unique standalone season, today’s patch brings changes to Guild and Faction Warfare, quality-of-life improvements including new Nametag options and better Usage Fee notifications, and new artifact drops in the open world.”

Notably, those artifact drops presage the impending arrival of the War Gloves weapon skill with the next big update but can’t be used for crafting just yet. Sandbox also teases hideout tweaks, better marketplace sorting, and combat adjustments for bows, staffs, spears, swords, and battle mounts.


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