Elder Scrolls Online tests Deadlands DLC and new armory system


The big fall release for Elder Scrolls Online is on the way — and is in fact being tested as we speak. ZeniMax announced that Update 23 is on the test server right now for players who want to get an advance look or put the patch through its paces.

Update 23 will bring a sweeping assortment of quality-of-life improvements for everyone in the game, including an armory system that allows you to save character builds. It’ll also include curated item set drops, additional homes, and the Undaunted Celebration event.

For players who pony up for the Deadlands DLC, ZeniMax is prepared to serve them a gourmet meal of content. This covers Mehrunes Dagon’s domain, the city of Fargrave, and an assortment of collectables and achievements.


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Billy Tweed

As an altaholic, this makes me feel so relieved. I can just have one of each class and go crazy on builds. gg ESO

Vanquesse V

All it took was the resurrection of the MMO genre, but we’ll finally have multi-spec in ESO.
The patch also adds DLSS which most people knows about, but also DLAA which is more or less the opposite: running the game at a higher than monitor resolution and using wizardry to make those extra pixels take care of jaggies.
It’s similar to super sampling you see elsewhere but will look nice without having to go all the way to 2x rendering scale.

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Kevin Brill

Looking forward to the armory update. I use the Dressing Room addon currently, but also play on different machines, so it will be nice having something that syncs across devices, as well as removes another addon.

The curated set drops is nice too, to help remove a bit of the randomness out of boss drops.

Oh, and saints be praised!

We’ve added a new Combat Music dropdown in the Settings menu under Audio. You will now be able to decide if you want to hear all combat music, only boss combat music, or no combat music at all.

The music is top notch in ESO, but it dropping into the repetitive combat music is annoying.


I’ll finally get that Medusa staff!