Final Fantasy XIV details the process of deprecating belts ahead of its next expansion

No belts

Final Fantasy XIV is going to remove your belt. Not like that; get your mind out of the gutter. The game is removing belts altogether with the launch of Endwalker, and the newest posting on the official site details exactly how this is going to work. The short version is that when the update’s early access patch drops, belts will be removed across the board and sent to the Calamity Salvager NPCs in major cities, with the sole exception being those in your inventory rather than your Armoury Chest.

Players will still be able to remove materia, turn belts in for Expert Delivery missions, desynthesize belts, or sell them to vendors even after the expansion patch. However, no new belts will be available to obtain, and players will no longer be able to extract materia from fully soulbound belts, so you should make sure to do that before the expansion maintenance. You’ve still got some time to deal with your belts ahead of that, of course; just make sure to finish up anything you need for your belts before they go away forever in a couple of months.


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