Amazon is publishing Glowmade’s new ‘creative online co-op experience’


What else does Amazon Games have cooking besides New World, Lost Ark, and that unnamed game from Smed? Apparently, it’s also publishing a game from English games studio Glowmade, whose developers have worked on everything from Fable and Little Big Planet to Battlefield and Horizon Zero Dawn.

“Amazon Games today announced that it is expanding its third-party publishing efforts with a new project from independent studio Glowmade, who will be developing a game based on an original IP,” Amazon’s press release says. “This new project will join Smilegate RPG’s highly anticipated MMOARPG Lost Ark as part of Amazon Games’ third-party publishing portfolio.”

You know what’s coming next as you’re read MassivelyOP, and we focus on MMOs and multiplayer titles, which is what this is; Amazon says the game is a “creative online co-op experience” using an unnamed but new IP.

“We can’t wait to show the world what we’re up to,” Glowmade’s Jonny Hopper writes.

Source: Press release

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Good ideas commonly appear near Smedley and he seems to be involved in many of the games I love. Cant wait to see his next work.

Cory James Hill

Smed… SWG fail aside, I never got past his message to everyone in 2014 about the new “MMO” he was working on that he said SWG players would love as a “new home”.

That MMO turned out to be H1Z1, proving yet again that no one working on SWG knew why the player base loved it…except Koster, probably.

Jon Wax

Dreams for PC. Had to happen.


I don’t think it’s correct to say Glowmade is known for games like Horizon or Battlefield. They have developers who used to work developing those games as a part of different companies but Glowmade itself has nothing to do with those games. Glowmade itself is only known for WonderWorlds game, which has pretty average rating on Apple App Store.

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I’ve wondered for a long time now why Smed has been so cagey about what he’s working on.

Randall Kilgore Jr.

These legacy game developers believe that being mystic and secretive about their game is a good thing, probably going it hypes their game up. They also still believe that hype is a good thing.