Dungeons and Dragons Online to revamp epic destinies ‘from the ground up’


You know that when an MMO developer tells you to “buckle up” before explaining changes coming in a patch, we’re in for a wild ride. And so it is for Dungeons and Dragons Online, which is preparing to overhaul its higher-level character progression “from the ground up.”

The game’s epic destinies, which function as a sort of advanced class that players access after level 20, are being overhauled with Update 51. The devs are taking the system in the direction of heroic enchantments, with the ability to be invested in three epic destinies at a time.

Additionally, SSG said it’s completely reworking the existing epic destiny trees: “These new ED trees are a mix of the old ED abilities and brand new ones, providing a huge variety of options to players both familiar with our current EDs and hungry for new exciting abilities. As we examine just what made the old epic destinies compelling, we’re able to make sweeping changes to themes and designs to better support the widest range of available play.”


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