Elyon begins preregistration ahead of its October 20 free-to-play launch


So Krafton-Bluehole’s upcoming MMORPG Elyon’s been a bit of a tangle these last few months. After changing its name and its theme, it rolled into beta this past summer, earning praise for its gameplay and customization but criticism for humdrum setting and world. It was then supposed to launch at the end of September, rocking a buy-to-play business model.

But less than two weeks ago, Bluehole walked back its launch plans. It delayed the game’s launch to October 20th, most likely because Amazon’s New World’s latest delay had collided with its release date. And the studio announced a big shift in its monetization: It’ll roll out as a free-to-play title instead of a buy-to-play one. That meant pre-order players could apply for refunds or convert their preorder into premium currency instead.

As of today, Elyon has opened preregistrations for the game; players who sign up for the game ahead of time can pick up a stack of rewards including an outfit, mount, hat, and seven-day VIP sub.

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