The Elder Scrolls Online previews the Deadlands DLC exploring the realm of Oblivion

Hot hot hot.

Johnny Cash told us all that love is a burning thing that makes a fiery ring. Also a burning thing is the realm of the Deadlands, which is burning away in the next eponymous DLC in The Elder Scrolls Online. It’s a hot time as the overarching Gates of Oblivion storyline concludes, but even if you’re just purchasing this DLC and have skipped on the others, you’ll have new regions to explore along the way.

They’re not exactly pleasant zones, though; the Burn, as mentioned, is basically constantly on fire, and the Sever is wracked by constant storms and lightning strikes just in case you thought you could say “well, at least this place isn’t on fire.” Players can also explore the new features of Update 32 which coincides with this DLC, including the Armory system that allows you to rapidly swap builds as needed, by trying out the DLC and the update alike on the game’s test server. It promises to be a real hot time.

Meanwhile, ZeniMax is prepping its next preview stream:

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