Minecraft Dungeons is now available on Steam


Who wants to play Minecraft Dungeons on the PC but doesn’t want to go through the Windows store in any way? The latter part of that is a commendable and defensible sentiment no matter what. The good news is that you’ll be able to do just that with the title releasing on Steam today, giving players a chance to get in on all the blocky action that our EIC Bree already has on her Switch that has subsequently been stolen by her children.

But wait, there’s more! Literally, there’s more to this particular release, because the game is also offering its Ultimate edition. What makes it ultimate? Well, the inclusion of all six extant DLCs, every soundtrack, and high-resolution digital artwork. That’s just going to set you back an additional $20 on top of the base game’s $20 price tag. That’s pretty ultimate, so if you’re looking for some hacking and slashing of blocky polygons and want to still pay less than a full new game, it’s not a bad option.

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Played as part of the PC Game pass ages ago, the slight inconvenience that was the windows store was negated entirely through the use of the Xbox companion and gamepass. (Click on it to install, and load up, never having to dip in to the windows store front for anything to do with the game its self)

Or you know stick with that steam loyalty and pay 20 quid for it.

Vanquesse V

A word of warning: on pc the game saves your characters in the “saved games” folder for your user which does not get added to OneDrive by default. The game has cloud saves, but they are manual, per character saves. The game does not make use of steam cloud, so make sure to back the saves up. (the game’s cloud saves are cross platform which is nice)

The game has improved a lot since launch and has enough content, variety and difficulty to cater to almost anyone with even a fleeting interest in arpgs.
Only the host needs to own dlc if you play multiplayer and any items earned from content you don’t own will still be yours to use when you leave the session.
The game has local co-op and has the option to clone characters so you don’t have to start over if want to do a bit of co-op.

New content is being teased at the moment, sounding like some kind of challenge tower with real details likely to arrive soon.

Malcolm Swoboda

“The game does not make use of steam cloud” And goodbye wishlist.


Already on my wishlist, though before I get it I need to see how the DRM works; it doesn’t seem to use the Windows Store DRM, but Steam tells me it requires a Microsoft account to play, and for a game that has a single-player mode that is kind of a red flag for me.


Sadly, at least on XBox, the game can’t be paused whether playing single player or local co-op. Want to change settings or modify your inventory? Better make sure there are no mobs around at all.

My son loves the game and I definitely appreciate him being introduced to the roguelike genre, but especially as a parent I really hate single-player games that can’t be paused.