Survival MMO Fractured Veil just hit $100K funded on Kickstarter

Early access set for Q2 2022


Remember Fractured Veil? We covered it earlier this year when developer Paddle Creek was hunting for testers. The game is being billed as an “open-world online survival game” set in post-apocalyptic Hawaii and flagged MMO on Steam, and it’s just hit its funding goal on Kickstarter with less than two weeks to go.

“Join up to 500 concurrent survivors on the once-beautiful landscapes of Maui, Hawaii, now riddled with horrifying mutants, ravenous animals, and other humans vying to stay alive. Travel alone or make alliances before heading deep into the heart of Maui. Build and fortify a base to keep out unwanted visitors. Gather resources to craft upgrades, themed weapons like spearguns, and prepare for an exciting mix of PvP and PvE content. In addition to core survival game mechanics, Fractured Veil also features a robust questing experience and RPG-like skill progression system. NPC outposts and points of interest across the map feature missions that provide experience points for upgrades and story beats. Specialize in a variety of abilities to create a custom survivor capable of overcoming the legions of mutants—and not-so-friendly survivors—that call Maui home.”

The game is set to launch into early access in Q2 of next year after what will by then be six years of development. The studio says it’s focusing on multi-server support for “hundreds of concurrent survivors,” cross-server travel, and settlements. “Fractured Veil’s $100,000 funding secures ongoing development for the project,” the team says. “Additional funding will target Stretch Goals,” the first of which appears to the furniture and decorations, followed by spear guns at $120K funded.

The Kickstarter also clarifies that the game is being built chiefly for PC and that contrary to most survivalboxes, PvE-only zones “represent a huge portion of the map” and will stay in place until the studio can implement a balanced PvX system. “Our views on PvX are not written in stone and we plan on iterating towards success with the community on the development servers before we remove those PVE Zones,” the devs say.

Source: Press release, Steam

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Peregrine Falcon

“Our views on PvX are not written in stone and we plan on iterating towards success with the community on the development servers before we remove those PVE Zones”

TRANSLATION: We’re trying to trick a bunch of players who want a PvE only co-op survival/crafting game into funding, and playing, a game that we will ultimately change into an FFA PvP survival gankbox!

And we won’t care if the PvErs that we pulled a bait-and-switch on get mad and leave because we will have gotten their money by then! :D


Early on before the kick starter they talked up the PvE elements of this game, dungeons etc as being a major thing and the idea of having PvE only servers.

Kickstarter comes round and its just another gank box… with no mention of being able to have your own server ruleset officially supported, never been so disappointed with a 180.

I mean I get it, some people love the pvp elements but I dont, I just want a survival game that also has some nice dungeoneering and loot grinding to it, I already know what my ideal survival game would look like, its just no one has tried making it.