Brewster finally comes home to Animal Crossing New Horizons… sometime after October


A recent surprise Nintendo Direct just did something I had nearly lost hope of hearing: Brewster, the traditional cafe owner and gyroid connoisseur, will be making some kind of return in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Very little details were shared beyond a short clip of the cafe’s exterior located in the game’s museum, plus a teaser that more information will be made available during an Animal Crossing Direct this October.

The rest of the Direct had more meat for single-player enthusiasts, with just a few nibbles for online multiplayer fans: Mario Party Super Stars revealed three new boards, Splatoon 3 vaguely mentioned the return of mammalians (beyond the two cat judges) in story mode, and Nintendo revealed it’s adding some new SNES, N64, and even Sega Genesis titles for both local and online multiplayer goodness (rejoice Mario Kart 64 and F-Zero fans!) for an undisclosed extra price. While having retro gaming available for online play without the use of an emulator is pretty big news, Brewster’s return to a game that’s been frustrating even core fans is pretty big.

We’ve been asking about gyroids and Brewster at least since September 2020; while Nintendo PR had told us it planned to “provide updates” to the game back after the game failed to make an appearance during the E3 Nintendo Direct, it didn’t give us much hope. This new Direct has. While there may be some minor additions, such as a few Day of the Dead items in a screenshot provided in Nintendo’s press room, we’re hoping for a bit more and have asked Nintendo whether Brewster will be bringing our musical clay buddies back sometime soon.


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Danny Smith

This one was odd since on one hand finally we get new updates but on the other we had this museum cafe datamined over a year ago at the same time as the swimming from last summer. What happened behind the scenes to make a cafe so delayed when a new mode of traversal and diving was fine?

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I’m assuming it’s timed the way it is for marketing reasons. Can’t wait to see the stuff for Dia Dos Muertes though!


And this delay is why I decided to give Animal Crossing a couple years before I try playing it again.

I like Animal Crossing, but New Horizons is still lacking in features compared with New Leaf, so I’ll only play it again after either I feel like the game is finally feature complete or else Nintendo stops with the regular updates.