EVE Online arrives to the Epic Games Store, lauds 24M players, and celebrates with a new event


EVE Online continues to try to roll out the red carpet for new arrivals once again thanks to the game’s official arrival to the Epic Games Store. The announcement shared data about the game’s size, touting 24M lifetime pilots, 2M new arrivals, and the MMO’s record-setting in-game wars. It also lauded new player-friendly changes like the revamped starter experience and skill plan adjustments.

In celebration of the game’s launch on EGS and as part of its current Quadrant updates, players can take part in a Researching the Rogues event that hands out login goodies, sells starter packs, and asks players to research rogue drone activity across multiple combat sites and exploration anomalies for other rewards like SKINs, cerebral accelerators, and more.

If you just so happen to be among those new to the stars of EVE Online and are arriving by way of EGS, you might be interested in reading our recent Stick and Rudder column where Ben shares how he’s gaining traction as a new arrival to the space sandbox.


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24m lifetime players might be a stretch. I’d believe 24m accounts.
I know when I was playing I had 10 accounts, and I wasn’t even near the most accounts held amongst the guys I flew with.
Still, good on them for finding another storefront. I’m really happy to see Eve is still going strong.

Andrew Christensen

Haha yeah, I remember back in my null sec days, had 6 hulks and a booster in a rorq just to myself. Other corpmates had the same or more. The isk generated paid for everything via plex. Made for some nice binge watching of shows.