Final Fantasy XIV finishes its anniversary stories with a look behind the scenes in Ishgard


The tour of Final Fantasy XIV’s world back through fiction finally comes to a close with today’s final entry in the game’s anniversary story series, so if you’ve been enjoying this tour of the game’s various bits of lore, we’re sorry to inform you this is the end. If you’re a big fan of the politics of Ishgard, however, it’s going out on a high note as this particular entry deals with the history of Artoirel de Fortemps and the current head of Ishgard’s government, Aymeric de Borel.

The focus of the story is on events that far predate interactions from the game itself, as with prior entries from this year’s fiction compilation, so even if you know the story of Heavensward backwards and forward, there are still new things to be learned within. Check out the full story on the official site as the anniversary rolls to a close; there’s only so much time to celebrate the game’s prior accomplishments when its next expansion is less than two months away.


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