Here’s how to join the beta test for BetaDwarf’s ‘friendshipping’ MMO Project F4E


Earlier this year, we covered a new game then dubbed Project Haven, a “cooperative PvE MOBA where you play as tight-knit groups of heroes saving the world from a time-twisted fate.” Studio BetaDwarf noted that it had raised $6.6M already for the project and aimed to focus on a gameplay loop focused so tightly on friendly cooperation between other people that they even came up with a term for it: friendshipping.

The game has evolved since then. BetaDwarf, now using the temporary game title Project F4E, has begun calling it an MMO – a “co-op/PvE game with MOBA controls and the replayability of rogue-likes.”

“Whether you love to explore a beautiful universe, adventure into dangerous areas with an array of enemies waiting to pounce at any point, strategically take down bosses and of course make a ton of new friends then Project F4E is the game you’ve been looking for! […] Your hero levels up within each mission, but your choice of skills will vary providing endless ability combinations and a new build every game. You’ll also earn overarching unlocks – new characters or new abilities and powers for them, which you’ll use for special missions with your most trusted friends. A special part of the game is the focus on friendships. A positive atmosphere and fundamental systems that enhance co-op and help you make real friends for life, and make playing with strangers fun again! The game is carefully structured to be played forever, like a hobby with endless replayability, constant updates and the ability to play more or less as it fits your life.”

If this sounds like your cup of video game tea, then you’re in luck because Betadwarf has kicked off a two-week beta test starting today, and we know how to get you in. All of you! In fact, all you have to do is join the Discord.

Once you click on the link, you’ll land in the game’s Discord server and be prompted to react with a heart to a post; once that’s done, the channel bot will send you a Steam key with details on how to redeem it on Steam. We tested out the procedure this morning and it worked great.

BetaDwarf stressed to us that this is a very early test of the combat system as well as a first look at in-game graphics. “We’re currently aiming to follow up with monthly tests,” the studio says, noting that it will continue to seek feedback from testers. Oh, and did we mention the free stuff? “Players that join now get exclusive gifts before and on release, and have the game unlocked permanently and for free!” Good luck and have fun, folks!

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