Neverwinter shares details for its battle pass campaign Echoes of Prophecy starting in October


Craving a campaign to take on in Neverwinter? Then you were probably champing at the bit when the game first talked about the Echoes of Prophecy campaign that starts this coming November 1st, and now you’ve got some extra details like dates and reward information.

This campaign will offer up three different milestones, each one starting on October 1st, November 1st, and December 1st, respectively before fully concluding on January 10th, 2022. There are free and premium versions of the campaign’s battle pass, and those who have a premium pass will get several benefits including the ability to continue to earn milestones through April 30th, 2022, and complete milestones even after they’re over. That said, progress and rewards for the campaign are account-wide for everyone. Speaking of rewards, they include things like unique artifacts, companions, and a mount, as well as a hawk that can dive bomb enemies.

The campaign will be going live for PC and console players at the same time, so anyone planning to join in will want to read all of the fine details before October arrives.


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I’m liking this switch to battlepasses that don’t have a time limit on them to complete. I wonder which game started it. I think it was the announcement for Halo Infinite MP’s tracks and then Borderlands 3 added (free) rewards tracks that don’t expire with the Director’s Cut. That’s the first time I saw it done anyway.

I mean, this particular game is P2W as anything but I’m just saying in general across the industry… I like that rewards tracks without a time limit is becoming the norm.

Vanquesse V

The structure of Halo Infinite’s mp battle pass stems directly from experimentation done in and on the master chief collection.
The success and adaptation of “permanent” battle passes will be interesting to follow.


Guild wars 2 is another example of the early one, though specifically the WvW reward tracks and its achievements system which in essence are really long term battle passes just wrapped up differently.

Vanquesse V

That’s an interesting case, because the reward tracks in gw2 are almost identical to a modern battlepass, but used for a different purpose. Or rather it is not part of the games monetization.
Good catch!