Lord of the Rings Online gets you up to speed on Fate of Gundabad’s story


It wasn’t that long ago that some columnist here at Massively OP was bemoaning the fact that Standing Stone Games had yet to actually say much about Lord of the Rings Online’s fall expansion, Fate of Gundabad.

Clearly, this was jinx bait designed to draw out the studio, and sure enough, SSG posted the full backstory leading up to Gundabad last night. It’s a good catch-up summary, especially if you’ve lost track of the twisty “Dwarves vs. Orcs” saga that’s been playing out in the game over the past year or so.

In other LOTRO expansion news, the studio confirmed that an article explaining the huge legendary item revamp and the inclusion of the long-awaited “hook consolidation” for player housing should be coming right around or with Fate of Gundabad.

Don’t forget that Lord of the Rings Online is currently giving away all of its quest packs (including the recent Wildwood chapter) and selling many expansion chunks for dirt-cheap!


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They are really giving quite a lot of stuff in the quest pack and the expansions, and on Evernight the effect has been immediate – about 200 more players at peak times – but they really should market this questpack and expansion sale. Make a trailer from game footage showing all regions included. It wouldn’t have to be that time or resources consuming to do.