Ship of Heroes shares a postmortem for its summer beta and future development plans


The summer beta test for Ship of Heroes has officially wrapped up, and it’s time for the devs at Heroic Games to take stock of the situation. The test was overall noted as a success, with thousands of players signing up to hop in and test out the missions that were on offer, making it the game’s largest beta test to date.

The post shares some responses to the post-beta survey, with most players enjoying themselves and playing through the mission arcs more than once. Most players also felt the difficulty of the arcs was just right, with the Iris Arc providing about two to four hours’ worth of gameplay. There were a few things that are noted as needing adjustment, such as clearer instructions from Ambassador to select a department to advance as well as instructions and influence to buy and equip augments. For those who participated in the beta, the survey will stay open until Sunday, September 26th.

As for what’s next for the game’s development, the post details several points of focus such as expansion of the mission creation team to provide more missions and content types; upgrades to the game’s patcher, textures, and NPCs; and expanding challenge mission options as well as raising their difficulty. The devs are also considering what the next beta test’s focus will be, with a test of off-world raiding or other kinds of challenging content being floated as a possible idea.

MOP’s own Justin was among those who hopped into the mission beta this past August; you can read his impressions for more.


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Dug From The Earth

My hopes were mostly crushed

so far

Ray O'Brien

Have hopes for this huge comic nerd and dying for a good modern MMO but so far nothing has floored me but seems as the only project actually making forward progress. Anyone play the beta have any impressions??

Kickstarter Donor
Peregrine Falcon

This looks like it will be so much fun. I really hope this game launches before I die in 2030.