Aion EU offers a sneak peek at new instances and features of update 8.0, Aion NA dates next content launches


As per usual, the EU version of Aion is getting a forward look at the game’s 8.0 update ahead of the NA version of the game. A date for the new patch still isn’t set, but it does detail features like the level 81 Aphsaranta PvP battlefield, the Heart of Aphsaranta level 81 dungeon that rewards new Ultimate Fighting Spirit equipment, a level cap raise to 85, and a system that lets players choose passive skills for weapons and armor among them.

Don’t fret, NA Aion fans, 8.0 is heading your way as well. The game’s recent newsletter offers some details for the update’s arrival to Aion Retail and update 1.5 features for Aion Classic, which readers will recall were previously outlined in a producer’s letter. Update 1.5 is set to land to Classic on October 13th, while 8.0 will land on Retail this coming Wednesday, September 29th.

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