City of Titans’ lead gameplay designer on combat engine progress and other developments


The developers of City of Titans are talking among themselves. That’s not to say they’re trying to be gossipy; they’re sharing some internal interviews, starting off with Tannim222, the lead gameplay designer for the MMO. They may also be gossiping about you specifically. You know why. You totally know why.

Tannim describes his job function, which is to work on various underlying mechanics, combat systems, and gameplay systems, helping to conceptualize things like launch power sets, NPC faction powers, progression systems, and reward systems among other things. Most of his current focus is on the game’s combat engine, which will allow the devs to add powers to the game. Work on this system is reportedly going well, with Tannim expressing his excitement on progress.

The internal interview also sees Tannim comment on some of his lesser known duties, talk about what it’s like being a volunteer dev, and discuss what he thinks will make City of Titans stand out from other MMOs. More interviews are planned to be shared later, but followers of this successor game can get started with the series here.

MMO superhero fans have been watching a slew of Kickstarted and fan-funded MMO ventures ever since City of Heroes was sunsetted – City of Titans among them. The game was funded on Kickstarter back in 2013, but it has yet to launch. Here’s some of the progress it’s made over 2021:

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