Lineage II Aden raises the drawbridge for castle sieges this week


It’s time for Lineage II Aden players to batten down the hatches, heat up the boiling oil, and prepare the diseased cattle for catapulting, because castle sieges are coming to the game this week.

“Castles Giran and Goddard lay defenseless—defeat your enemies to seize the castle for benefits such as taxes and additional XP,” NCsoft said.

The casual-friendly version of this MMO announced that its second post-launch update is arriving on September 29th with clan raids and sieges. Clans that don’t have enough warm bodies to throw into the conflict can even the odds somewhat by hiring mercenaries on the weekend.

Aden’s patch will also add the Antharas Lair hunting zone, the Frintezza clan raid, and a trio of events to boost attendance and participation.

Source: Lineage II
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