Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends is hoping to release Bespin apartments by Christmas


Star Wars Galaxies rogue server SWG Legends posted its latest newsletter over the weekend, and the big news is Bespin part two and plans for apartments. Readers will recall that the server launched the planet Bespin and Cloud City last spring. Apartments were meant to make it into the game over the summer, but development has been “tricky” as the team tried to sort out problems like what to do with renters’ stuff if they stopped paying rent.

“These roadblocks and hurdles have been resolved by our development team,” the group now says. “Our team is beginning the testing process very soon […] We can’t quite put a date on the release of Bespin Apartments just yet. The best case scenario would be that most of you will be settled into your Cloud City Suits by the time issue #12 of the Community Transmission lands in early December.”

The team also addresses the situation with ILM, which is a graphics mod that had been bundled with the game’s launch; apparently, it won’t be supported for the time being as its developer is no longer on staff.

A few other tidbits:

  • Halloween is on the way starting October 8th.
  • The team has been working on the Star Viper content, which is a questline and mixed space and ground content for pilots specifically.
  • Atmospheric flight is not happening. SOE rushed it into the game ahead of the sunset, but it wasn’t finished, and the devs say it’d be too much work to do it right.
  • Economy and crafting changes are on deck with an eye toward economy balance.
  • Yes, the wookiee treehouse is eventually making it into the game. So will the in-house bazaar terminal, though “not anytime soon.”
  • More TCG items are en route through quests and vet rewards (yes, vet rewards will be updated).
  • The Jedi themepark is still on the way.
  • The team would like to add more species, but there’s no timeline.
  • Performance and engine improvements are in testing.
Source: SWGL forums
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