Fractured fires out patches left and right for its fall alpha


If you were expecting a quiet and calm fall alpha test for Fractured, this sandbox MMO is bound to disappoint. Nearly every day since the launch, players have logged into the game to a flurry of new tweaks and changes as the dev team experiments in a live setting — not to mention bug fixes galore.

Some of the adjustments to the alpha include lowering the costs for ranking up and claiming cities, faster city maintenance, quicker steak cooking (hey, we like steak), a more robust character screen, and more informative resource node tooltips.

The fall alpha test is not under an NDA and will run until October 13th, at which point all servers will be wiped in preparation for the next test. Cornerstone features of this PvE test include more player abilities, dynamic world events, and lockpickable treasure chests.

Source: Fractured, #2, #3

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Dug From The Earth

Its not awful

its not really good either.

Its just kinda bland. Runs well, solid visuals for the style its aiming for. Its just sorta basic. Its got massive amounts of harvesting resources and crafting, but as a whole, its just not very fun. At least for me.

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Kind of where I’m at. One of those games I’m keeping my eye on and am hoping they flesh it out as they continue development.