Halloween returns to PlanetSide 2 as Nanite of the Living Dead on Friday


We realize it’s not October yet, but we’re just a few days off, which means the spoopy season is about to get underway in MMO land. Case in point: PlanetSide 2 is already preparing Nanite of the Living Dead, which is expected to launch Friday and runs all month.

“This year’s Nanite of the Living Dead event runs through all of October! Spooky sights, sounds, and SpacePumpkins will make their way to Auraxis. […] The Sanctuary social hub has received a seasonal makeover. Sights, sounds, and mask-wearing denizens abound. Upon entering Sanctuary, you’ll receive a mission to learn more about the Halloween event! Along the way, unlock holiday masks that provide bonus experience when worn! The SpacePumpkins have returned to Auraxis! Throughout the battlefields, seek and destroy these gigantic gourds to earn experience and progress toward a new Halloween directive! The massive (and powerful!) Galact-O-Lantern may occasionally be found lying in wait… what are these foul creatures plotting? Gain buckets of currency by stabbing, chopping, and resurrecting your way through this year’s new Halloween directive!”

Daybreak says that tomorrow’s pre-event patch actually includes “loads of UI and quality of life improvements, as well as bug fixes and smaller additions” too.

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