Nexon announces plans to globally publish PC and mobile MMO Heroes of Incredible Tales 2


Do you remember a game known as Heroes of Incredible Tales? It was a mobile multiplayer ARPG from developer NAT Games that made its debut in 2016, promising fast combat, a PvP arena, 200 levels, raids, and a customizable skill tree. HIT ran for three years before ultimately shutting down in March 2019.

We bring this up because apparently NAT Games is working on a sequel — the appropriately titled HIT 2 — for PC and mobile platforms, and yesterday Nexon announced its intention to globally publish the title. Information about HIT 2 is scarce other than it promises to feature “large-scale battles that can be enjoyed in an attractive fantasy world and interaction between players” and that it will be optimized for both PC and mobile platforms. More details, along with a release schedule, are planned for a later date.

source: press release

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