VR MMO Zenith raises $10 million from investors, says ‘not much’ will change about development


We’ve been a little skeptical about the long-term prospects of Zenith, but the virtual reality MMORPG has a better chance today of making it than before, thanks to a $10 million infusion into its coffers.

Zenith developer Ramen VR announced that a round of fundraising from venture capitalists and Oculus resulted in the sizable chunk of change. So what’s the studio going to do with its fat wallet? Ramen said things will continue more or less as normal: “What does this actually change about the development of the game? Not much. Zenith remains our core focus and Lauren and I remain in full control of the studio. We’ll work hard to maintain the same culture, community, and dedication that has gotten Zenith to this point.”

The studio did bring on a new community manager to run outreach and the official Discord, and it announced that it’s hiring an animator and graphics programmer.

Readers will recall that Zenith originally raised a quarter of a million dollars from gamers through Kickstarter back in 2019. It has seen multiple delays in development in the last year and is currently in an early bird phase of alpha.


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Ardra Diva

I’ve read the article, it’s to build a company that can scale up more than anything else. They’ve got a good game platform and have the core, but success would mean quite a few more hands and key players, so that’s what they’re doing with the money.


Shame most of the story is behind a paywall, be curious what else they have to say as $10M and Oculus partnership is pretty good for a 12 person team