Blockchain metaverse Earth 2 lets players plop down holobuildings in latest update


This one is going to need context, primarily because it is flush with MMO buzzwords of the day. Earth 2 styles itself as “a second earth; a metaverse, between virtual and physical reality in which real-world geolocations on a sectioned map correspond to user generated digital virtual environments.” What this basically means is that it’s a multiplayer game that lets players buy and trade tiles of land in a 1:1 recreation of Earth using the E$ blockchain currency in a game of what appears to be virtual real estate econ PvP. But with fake money that can apparently be transformed into real money. Because techbro logic.

The idea of making virtual land more valuable appears to be a primary goal for folks involved in Earth 2, and the new addition of holobuildings could make held slices of digital real estate much more attractive. Users can draw polygonal shapes on their owned land to craft their own freeform buildings, which in turn grants access to a variety of benefits like more efficient economic management, access to more resources on their parcel of digital land, and shortened construction times and lowered costs for EcoSim storage buildings.

For those who are curious to learn more about whatever Earth 2 is trying to be, the How To section offers some more details, including instructions on how holobuildings can be created, but before putting any money into this (or any other game involved in crypto and literally promising the world), you should also venture into the wilds of YouTube, where scores of gamers have already dubbed this one a scam pre-launch.

source: press release
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